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BrainSpan in Hazlet, NJ: Dr. Catherine Kowalski

BrainSpan Therapy in Hazlet, NJBrainSpan is a nutritional and functional brain health assessment system. By being able to measure important biomarkers and cognitive function, Dr. Catherine Kowalski can create an accurate snapshot of the brain and nervous system health.

A patient’s overall well-being is very closely connected to how the brain and nervous system perform, so having an accurate assessment of this function is critical to long term health care.

What is BrainSpan assessment?

BrainSpan quantifies the structural and functional brain health at the cellular level. The assessment itself is comprised of two parts, the first being structural brain health and the second being functional brain health.

Structural brain health

Structural brain health is determined through a blood test administered by Dr. Kowalski with a simple prick of the finger. The cell membranes in the blood are sampled and analyzed for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as trans fats. When the levels of these biomarkers are in balance, they contribute to repairing cells, controlling inflammation, and regulating vital neurotransmitters.

If the levels are out of balance, they can cause cellular destruction and adversely affect memory. The BrainSpan assessment equips Dr. Kowalski with the necessary information to plot the proper course of treatment for her patients.

Functional brain health

Part two of the assessment consists of an easy 15 minute cognitive test that measures the level of functioning in the neural connections. Four basic cognitive functions assessed during this phase of the test include memory capacity, sustained attention, processing speed and cognitive flexibility. How well the brain performs these tests determine how well it is regulating the body’s systems.

Why take the BrainSpan assessment?

The BrainSpan assessment is important in helping Dr. Kowalski guide her patients to better health and wellness along with the treatment of chronic conditions. By assessing the brain, we are able to map a nutritional course that can help to combat several painful conditions along with reducing the risk of long term, serious health issues.

BrainSpan at Wellspring Health Center

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